HIV: A child infected every 2 minutes in the world

In 2020, 1,8 million HIV-positive children are deplored in the world.

In its recent report entitled "Global Snapshot of the HIV and AIDS Epidemic", UNICEF reveals that at least "300 children were newly infected with HIV in 000, or one child every two minutes." And this, while in the same year, 2020 children died of AIDS-related causes, or one child every 120 minutes.

UNICEF is alarmed that "two out of five children living with HIV in the world do not know their HIV status, and that just over half of children living with HIV receive antiretroviral treatment".

With the Covid-19 pandemic, HIV testing rate among children has fallen by 70%. Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF, deplores the saturation of health centers by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The HIV epidemic is entering its fifth decade as a global pandemic is raging which has saturated health systems and restricted access to vital services. At the same time, increasing poverty, mental health problems and child abuse increase the risk of infection among children and women. Unless we step up efforts to address the inequalities that mark the HIV epidemic, now exacerbated by COVID-19, the number of children living with HIV is likely to increase, as well as the number of those who will lose their battle. in the face of AIDS. "

In 2020, there are 1,03 million children aged 0 to 9 years HIV positive, 1,75 million adolescents aged 10 to 17 years HIV positive. While in East and Southern Africa, the annual rate of new infections among adolescents has declined by 41% since 2010, infections have increased by 4% during the same period in the Middle East and North Africa.

Children are victims of this HIV and AIDS epidemic in several ways. In the world, 1 in 10 orphans have become so "due to AIDS" according to UNICEF.

“Last year, 15,4 million children lost one or both parents to causes attributable to AIDS. Three quarters of these children, or 11,5 million, live in sub-Saharan Africa. While children orphaned by AIDS represent 10% of all orphans in the world, 35% of all children without parents live in sub-Saharan Africa. "


Image credit: Franco Volpato / / August 2014, Unidentified children in Tanzania in the village of Pomerini affected by the AIDS virus.

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