Hillsong: Bobbie Houston is 'grateful' for the support of many people and more than ever 'in love with Jesus'

While the Hillsong megachurch has been in the spotlight for several weeks after the resignation of senior pastor and founder Brian Houston, his wife Bobbie, who was herself fired by the church, gives her news in an Instagram post. .

Dance a long message posted on Instagram on April 11, Bobbie Houston says she is "well", even if she is a little "out of breath" after the recent events.

“I know how to breathe in God” wrote the wife of Pastor Brian Houston, who continues by declaring: “We have lived in the trenches for decades and it seems that we continue to do so”.

"I'm still standing. Fully aware and fully awake. Still desperately in love with Jesus, His beautiful Body of Christ, His Church and Bride, for whom He will return one day,” she continues.

She also thanked everyone who supported them through this difficult time, bringing them an "ocean of love and kindness".

Finally, Bobbie Houston paid tribute to her husband, saying that she had the "greatest respect" for him and thus showing a united front in this matter.

“I have the greatest respect and esteem for my husband. The biggest. I could be judged or slandered for this – but these taunts really don't interest me. I care more about the Vine of His Love and those He desperately cares about, those He still calls. »

Yesterday, on Instagram Brian Houston, in turn, honored his wife by posting a photo of Bobbie with the following caption: “She is brave and she is beautiful. I love her so much ".


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Hillsong Church was founded by Brian and Bobbie Houston in 1983 in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Today, Hillsong is what is called a “megachurch” and has planted churches in 30 countries around the world.

Last month, Hillsong Board Reveals Two Complaints Against Brian Houston. The first dates from a decade ago, the second from 2019. In both cases, the pastor engaged in inappropriate behavior with female members of the church. A few days after these revelations, Hillsong announced the resignation of the pastor.

Two weeks later, Bobbie Houston was fired from the Church. A dismissal which would have been announced to him by text message according to a publication by Brian Houston on Facebook in which he shared a screenshot of the exchange. A post that has since been deleted.

Dance a statement Posted on March 9, Hillsong said he had worked with Bobbie on a "layoff plan" since her husband left and denied firing her via message.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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