He shouted "Death to Israel" in Iran but he is now worship leader in England

Daryoosh was shouting “Death to Israel! Every morning before classes in Iran. Now he is leading worship in England.

Daryoosh is Muslim and lives in Iran. He says that every morning, before going to class, everyone had to shout “Death to Israel! ". It is filled with hatred for Israel and the Jewish people. He became addicted to drugs during his military service. But today he tells how Jesus changed his life.

One day, he decides to leave for England in order to find a better life.

“I flew to Istanbul in Turkey, and from Turkey to Bosnia. It was a very risky and dangerous trip. When I arrived in England, I applied for asylum. I had no good reason. I left Iran just to find a better life. I decided to lie to the government. On the application form I noted that I was a persecuted Christian and life was dangerous for me. I sent this document to the immigration service in London. "

But as he does not know anything about the Christian faith, he decides to go to church, to get information. After a few meetings, he knows the basics of the Christian faith. But his heart remains empty. One day, the government contacted him and made an appointment with him. He decides to call his pastor to tell him what to say. But his pastor sees it differently ...

“When he arrived he said to me 'Daryoosh, you are not a Christian! This is just a lie! Jesus asks you to stand in the truth, and the truth will set you free. ' "

Daryoosh is very angry. After the pastor leaves, he goes back to his room and cries out to God.

“I said 'If there is a God, you must reveal yourself to me! I can't go on anymore! ' When I said that, at that moment, at that precise moment he revealed himself to me. At that time he came! At that point he completely freed me from the drugs. At that moment, I gave her my life. He touched my heart and He gave me strength, power - there was a power working in my heart. […] And he said to me 'Daryoosh, I love you as you are, with these dirty things, because I died on the cross for you.' "

Daryoosh then goes to his meeting and decides to tell the truth to the official who receives him. The latter then puts an unfavorable opinion in the file. Daryoosh then meets the judge.

“In court, the judge looked at me and said 'Mr. Zareian, what did you do yesterday?', Because my judgment was on a Monday. I replied, 'Yesterday I was leading the worship group.' And he said 'And how did you do it?' I told him that I had read Psalm 96. He said to me 'And what does Psalm 96 say?' In the courtroom, everyone opened the bible, and everyone was reading Psalm 96! Sing a song to the Lord! Sing a new song to the Lord! Proclaim his salvation! And there there was a miracle. He said 'You have the right to stay in England.' "


source: One For Israel

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