He has stage 4 bone marrow cancer and is miraculously cured

Nate is only 25 years old when diagnosed with terminal cancer. While his doctor announces that he has only 6 months left to live, the young Christian is determined to fight against this disease. He will be miraculously healed 3 months after the diagnosis.

in his mid-twenties, Nate is starting to get sick. He thinks he is suffering from a bad flu and therefore decides to see a doctor. He is undergoing medical examinations.

"I had severe back pain and could not have a conversation without coughing. "

10 days after his medical examinations, the doctor contacts the young man while he is at the cinema with his mother. He insists that Nate come soon.

"At that moment I knew it was bad news. "

Accompanied by his family, the young man goes to the doctor, who tells him that there are metastatic tumors in his lungs and a tumor of about 5 cm inside his bone marrow. The doctor offers a treatment with 3% chance of success. Otherwise he would only have 6 12 months to live. But Nate does not let himself be destabilized because he has faith that God can heal him.

"Lord, it's time for battle ... My race is not over yet. I know that by your bruises we have been healed. "

Nate makes the decision not to be overtaken by this ordeal but to take over and fight against this disease.

"I looked at my doctor and told him: I know the God I serve and I know I will beat this cancer. "

The young man then begins to search all the scriptures about healing and confesses in his life as a truth.

"I started to proclaim the scriptures about my life. "

The pains become more and more intense, often preventing him from sleeping during the night. He does not give up, however.

"I was in agony, I took painkillers but it did not work, I could not move ... But after 30 45 minutes of worship, my pain was fading. "

Sometimes the pain became unbearable at night. At one point Nate is discouraged he and asks God to put an end to this suffering or to take away his life. But he is recovering very quickly.

“His word is the truth and I will rely on it. "

He knows that God is more powerful than this disease.

“I started talking to the pain telling him how great my God is instead of talking about the pain to God. "

He continues to pray by calling on the name of Jesus. After an hour and a half of worship, he then feels a wave of heat penetrating his body.

"It was like a fire and it went… inside my bone marrow, then it released." My pain started to decrease and I fell asleep again. "

The next day Nate wakes up painlessly and realizes that something divine has happened. He then goes to his doctor for a CT scan. The results will confirm his recovery!

The doctor then explains to him that this cancer eats away at the bones and requires a bone marrow transplant as well as a skin graft and calcium injections to allow the bones to regenerate. It is a process that can take between 6 to 12 months. But miraculously the cancer had disappeared without leaving any aftereffects, something impossible according to the doctor.

“With the God I serve it is possible. "

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source: Witness LA

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