Harvard Now Offers Free Classes to Fight "Religious Inculture"

ÀFrom March 1, Harvard Theological Faculty will be putting online free courses on different religions, in order to combat "religious ignorance". Diane Moore, responsible for this online course, expresses herself in the Harvard Gazette :

While a better knowledge of religion will not by itself solve world problems, it will certainly help people build bridges and understand each other better.

For the faculty, it is mutual ignorance that feeds animosities and conflicts.

The six courses made available will deal mainly with variations in the interpretation of sacred texts from different religions, depending on the times and traditions. Diane Moore takes for example the variations of interpretations concerning the place of the woman.

There is really no uniformity in each tradition on issues related to gender ... On the contrary, we observe different interpretations of the role of men and women represented in sacred texts.

Discover the teaser presenting the course


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