Hag Saméah, the game that makes you discover and experience the festivals of the Bible

Since the famous Ichtus, there has hardly been any initiative to develop biblical board games. The next generation is assured with Hag Sameah, the game that makes you discover and experience the festivals of the Bible.

Cin 2016 in Perpignan, the idea of ​​the game Hag Sameah sprouted in the imagination of Sabine and Thomas. After making their first prototype, they were finally joined by Doris, Valeria, Doris Levi and Michel, a talented team. Several months of work in graphics, painting and studies were then necessary for the volunteers to finalize their board game project on the theme of the feasts of the Lord in Jesus' time. And the result is exceptional.

“The purpose of this game is to make the different festivals of the Bible known and to visualize them throughout the year through agriculture in Israel… In this game, we experience the festivals as Jesus and his disciples lived them. . "

Through the game, the creators want above all to transmit the love of the Word of God. And if they called this new game Hag Sameah, it's simply because that's how we wish each other "Happy Birthday!" »In Hebrew, during the various Jewish holidays of the calendar.

The game is a board game, which allows 2 to 4 players to compete, from the age of 7. The different cards "7 feasts of the Lord", "Seeds", "Harvests" and "Blessings", will transport you through the land of Israel, to discover Purim or Sukkhot ...

An ideal gift for the whole family at Christmas. Hag Saméah is available on the solidarity shop eXcaléo.

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