Godblessyoo: a "blessing" application in preparation

Einterview with Sébastien Poncelet, a 39-year-old Christian from the Paris region, who had the idea of ​​creating a mobile application to bless people or events, via social networks, by MMS or email, from a photo, 'a text with emojis option or an instant message GIP ("Go in peace").

What personal journey has led you to this innovation?

I am currently in charge of communication in a group linked to telecoms, I was a sound designer for advertising, I had a rock group that really did well, I also worked in the associative sector in the service of elderly and neighborhood youth. I am a Catholic who has prayed since he was little. By putting the Lord at the center of my life, I realize that He helps me a lot.

I am self-taught and I have always prayed for whatever I wanted to do, to show that when you had faith in something, and simply faith, you could succeed in moving mountains. I made a short interview film with young people with school and family failures. We put it on DVD and, with CNES, the space station and NASA, I sent this film into space and it circled the earth 16 times ...

Where did this idea for Godblessyoo come from?

We live in a world of ultra-connected, but also ultra-lonely. As a Christian, I wanted to do something that brings people together, and a mobile app made sense to me. What could be better and more beautiful than to bless people? I think that Christians do not have a dedicated application that really unites people and Godblessyoo is an opportunity to bring together Catholics, Protestants… It is also a good means of information and communication for “godblessRs” (users) , brands, associations, artists, labels ...

"We would like the first version to be released next July"

But Godblessyoo is a charitable and humanitarian association ...

Through this project, the aim is to help finance humanitarian actions related to childhood. We have assumed that this application is buoyant and can bring in money. But it is not to enrich us personally….

How do you cope with the financial investment that an application requires?

An application costs a lot of money, in the range of € 30 to € 50. But we should be able to pull through. We operate with our personal means, which is facilitated by the fact that with my partner Teddy Leclerc, who is in marketing, we are involved. We are lucky to have developers who work for us on a voluntary basis.

Today, where is this project?

The association was formed about a year ago. The site was set up in a week or two. We are currently in the application test period. It will be available on Google Play and Apple Store. We would like the first version to be released next July. It would be ideal. We are going to need people who are involved in our project: community managers and developers. This project interested Xavier Niel (CEO of Iliade, owner of Free) who found it "great", so we organized a meeting with the people of his "Online" team who manages his Data Center in Ivry. They are convinced that millions of people will be affected around the world. Afterwards, we should be hosted at "Online".

There is clearly a youthful connotation ...

Effectively. Our audience is mostly 15-30 year olds. Godblessyoo comes at a time when young people want to have something that looks like them.

All the details on the website 

Olivier Beylon

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