Would God try to get our attention?

“It is difficult to hear daily news of evil in our society without feeling fear. From a natural point of view, we are hopeless. But if we look at these same events from a spiritual perspective, we can, and will, see that these struggles have their part in God's plan. "

Vhere is the excerpt from the back cover of Phil Hotsenpiller's latest book, the senior pastor of Church influence in Orange County, California. Phil is recognized for his teachings and writings regarding end-time prophecy. In an interview with The Christian Post, shortly after the Manchester bombing, Hotsenpiller claimed to try to link current events with Bible prophecy. In his words, "this attack in Manchester is further proof that we are living in the last days."

Hotsenpiller is considered an expert on end-time prophecy. It organizes a large gathering every year that attracts more than 10,000 people from all over the United States.

The book One Nation Under God Without Law aims to explain to readers the source and spread of evil, and how it ultimately leads us to the end of time.

"International events revolve around the scenario described by ancient Old Testament prophets centuries ago… with incredible precision. This book encourages readers and helps them grow spiritually, stand firm, and look to the future with unwavering hope. "

The last chapter brings a message of hope that reminds us of the coming of the Kingdom of God. He practically encourages us on how to respond to what is going on around us, and how we can make a difference in this world, until Jesus returns.

Louise Carter

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