"God will provide": An evangelization campaign with 5 franc coins in Switzerland

“Dominus providebit”, this Latin expression which means “God will provide” will be used during an evangelization campaign which will soon see the light of day in Switzerland. Five-franc coins bearing this inscription will be affixed to flyers to convey the message of the Gospel.

It is a very original project that Philippe Decourroux has decided to set up through Decourroux productions. It is stick a five franc coin on evangelistic flyers, an idea that was inspired by God, he confides in us.

“We have the rare privilege of living in a country founded on Christian values. Proud of these values, our fathers saw fit to engrave them on our currency. Thus, our 5-franc coins bear witness to the message of the Gospel, ”reports Philippe Decourroux, referring to the Latin expression“ Dominus providebit ”which means“ God will provide ”, engraved on these coins.

Thus, this flyer can be distributed when paying the bill at the restaurant, the occasion at the same time, to tip and bless a waiter. It could also be an original way to start a discussion on the Christian faith believes the man behind this initiative.

Philippe Decourroux and his team also plan to set up actions at the national level which will begin on August 1, 2022 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the 5-franc coin as well as the Federal Fast which will take place on September 18. 2022.

They hope that this action "will raise many questions" and above all "bring those who ask themselves to seek the answers where they are"!

Camille Westphal Perrier

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