"God is great": Lost hiker "returned from the dead" after 45 minutes of cardiac arrest

In Washington state, a lost hiker on Mount Rainier was ultimately rescued by rescue workers and experienced a recovery described as miraculous by caregivers. 

M45-year-old ichael Knapinski was hiking with a friend on November 7th. The Seattle Times reported the hikers went their separate ways, Michael Knapinski was planning to snowshoe down to Paradise while his friend wanted to continue skiing before joining him.

Michael Knapinski said he was near the end of the ride when the weather conditions deteriorated, he explains that he could not “see anything” at that time. The last thing he remembers is taking "small steps" in the mountains.

The hiker reports that after that he doesn't know what happened, he probably fell as evidenced by the bruises on his body. He never arrived at his destination.

“I'm not sure what happened. I think I fell "

After his disappearance was reported, three National Park Service teams searched for the lost hiker until the early morning hours of November 8 before finding him unconscious with " barely a pulse". Mount Rainier officials said temperatures dropped to 16 degrees overnight. The hiker was rushed to hospital urgently and suffered cardiac arrest.

CBN News reports that nursing staff at the Harborview Surgical Intensive Care Unit restarted his heart and worked tirelessly to stabilize his condition. He woke up two days later.

Dr Saman Arbabi who looked after him said that he had "come back from the dead" before adding that it was perhaps not "quite medically correct, but his heart has not beaten for more than 45 minutes. It's incredible. "

Whitney Holen, a trauma nurse in the Harborview Intensive Care Unit, was by his side when he woke up Tuesday night. She has been working in this hospital for 12 years and has assured that this moment will forever be one of the highlights of his career.

In a video posted on his cousin's Facebook account, the survivor talks about his "miraculous recovery" and declares that he has "a million people to thank" and that he just wants to spend his life giving to others.

“As soon as I am physically able, it will be my vocation in life, to help and give to others. "

A relative of the survivor published a post on Facebook where she evokes "the greatest miracle" she has witnessed in her life. “God bless all the people who prayed, saved and healed,” she adds, grateful.

“The nurse let us call Michael Knapinski on zoom, he still had a breathing tube but was responsive and said yes in sign language when asked if he could see us !!! This is by far the greatest miracle I have ever seen in my life! God is big! May God bless all those who prayed, saved and healed ”


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