Gédéons International in Canada adopts a new name, reflecting an expanded mission

Gédéons International in Canada becomes ShareWord Global. The organization will continue to distribute Bibles and will focus on partnerships with churches to equip Christians for evangelism. 

"If you say the word Gideons to someone, they will immediately have a picture of a Bible in a hotel room."

This statement from Alan Anderson, president of the organization of Gideons International in Canada at Christianity Today sounds absolutely right.

However, today he believes that their mission "is much greater than that".

Ten years ago, the Canadian branch of the Gideons had already distinguished itself from its parent organization by becoming autonomous for several reasons, notably financial and ideological, mentioned by Alan Anderson.

“One was about the Canada Revenue Agency's requirements for reporting money sent overseas. But there were also ideological differences. The Gideons in Canada wanted to open the organization up to women; in the United States, it remains a ministry reserved for men. "

Today, the Canadian organization goes one step further by deciding to change its name, it now becomes:  ShareWord Global (“Word shared worldwide” in French Editor's note).

“God has called us to expand our evangelistic efforts internationally and to come alongside our brothers and sisters around the world with tools, resources and inspiration to be faithful, not just to a brand name. , but to Jesus himself, who asked us to 'go and make disciples of all the nations' ”states the president in a statement which announces this change.

“We were never just distributors of Bibles,” he continues, “Our belief that the Word of God is alive and powerful has not changed. God has called us to expand our evangelistic efforts ”.

Public chat its site, the organization says that "retaining the name of Gideons would hamper ministry and be an inauthentic representation" of who they are. With this change, it is the beginning of a new "era of ministry" affirms the statement released by the organization on September 21.

“What has not changed is our faith in the power of the Word of God and the hope to see souls saved through personal evangelism, which has been at the heart of this ministry from the very beginning. What has changed is the increased importance we place on personal evangelism, both through the organization itself and through the mobilization of the local church in personal evangelism with the scriptures. "

Concretely, ShareWord Global will continue to distribute Bibles, it will however place more emphasis on equipping churches to provide them with the tools necessary for evangelization. The Canadian organization has also developed a digital application, called "NewLife", which presents the Gospel.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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