François-Xavier Bellamy: The choice of assisted reproduction for all "will be our curse"

In an interview with the JDD, François-Xavier Bellamy explains his reasons for opposing the enlargement of the assisted reproduction to all women.

Udo not "curse". François-Xavier Bellamy, LR MEP, is firm in his remarks about assisted reproduction for all. In an interview given to JDD, he strongly expresses his convictions against the extension of medically assisted procreation to all women.

The MEP begins by explaining his opposition to the PMA for all, recalling that this one "Is no longer a medical act". He asserts that if assisted reproduction remedies "Medically recognized pathological infertility", the extension of the PMA to all women "would concern women in perfect health".

"This new ART is no longer a medical act, in fact: it would concern women in perfect health, who have no children not because of a pathology, but simply because life is transmitted organically through the complementarity of masculine and feminine. It's not social violence, it's the reality of our bodies… ”

For the politician, this “new logic” opens the way to “transhumanism, through technical transformation of our bodies". A new logic fraught with consequences according to François-Xavier Bellamy, who goes so far as to assert that this “choice of society” will be “our curse”.

“It is a social choice: to break with the human condition because its limits frustrate our desires. I believe this choice will be our curse. "

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To its detractors who recall that the choice of PMA without father does not harm anyone, he issues an objection, the “risk of harming the little ones”.

“Jean-Louis Touraine, the rapporteur of the bill, affirmed in committee: 'There is no right of the child to have a father.' Yet we know how important a father is in life… Rather than taking that away from children, why not just recognize that there is no right to the child? We prefer to take the risk of harming the little ones, by making ourselves the sorcerer's apprentice of the human condition. "

It is also the question of the post-MAP for all that torments the MEP. He recalls in this the time of marriage for all, and wonders about the consequences of such choices. He then evokes surrogacy and the question of the "commodification of the body of women", but also the "complete transformation of filiation, which will no longer be based on the bond of gestation, but on the will of the adult ”.

“The former vice-president of the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) explained himself that things are decided in advance. We have the feeling of a form of steamroller, which crosses all the red lines that we were told to be definitive ... Remember that at the time of the wedding for all, we were told that there was no question of extending the PMA. Where will it end? "

A man in the field, he finally wishes to point out that "PMA for all is clearly not a massive demand from public opinion". According to him, the priorities of the French fall under "research on Alzheimer's, support for disabled children, autism, dependence".

So when we ask him about the fact of "giving the image of a very little modern right", he assumes his convictions against the PMA without a father.

“You shouldn't be intimidated by the direction of the wind, by the fear of appearing out of date. We should never be afraid to defend our convictions simply and peacefully, especially in the face of opponents who keep changing them; consistency is a great virtue in politics for me. And in reality, it is this law which is a historical misunderstanding. "

On October 6, alongside the Manif pour tous, Alliance Vita and many other associations, he will demonstrate against this “steamroller which crosses all the red lines that we were told to be definitive”.

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