François Fillon is committed to the Christians of the East and creates a foundation in their favor

Withdrawn from political life since his defeat in the presidential elections in 2017, the former Prime Minister of Nicolas Sarkozy seems to have turned the page after 36 years of political career. François Fillon is now pursuing his path in the private sector and is committed to the Christians of the East through the organization ACT for the Christians of the East as well as'a future foundation.

THEFrançois Fillon's commitment to Eastern Christians began in 2014, but is preparing to become more concrete through the creation of the Foundation for Eastern Minorities, which will work to ensure that "these dramatic situations do not fall into oblivion", to support "concrete initiatives which allow, on the ground, to help these populations to rebuild a common living environment ensuring them a future in their country of origin ”, and to support those who are“ now refugees in France or in other countries ”.

“As you know, the cause of minorities in the East, particularly that of Christians, is very close to my heart. The tragedies that these populations have known in recent years in a region crossed by wars, religious tensions and fundamentalism, are at the origin of human, family and community hardships that are often unspeakable. This is why I decided to devote part of my time and my energy to action in favor of these oppressed, through a Foundation which is currently being created. "


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