Are the Franciscans of the Bronx basketball champions?

Franciscan humor and joie de vivre are the buzz! The Franciscans of the Bronx are well known in New York, where they take to the streets every day serving those left behind.

Un dunk contest, nothing very original, except the outfit of the players! Bures in the purest Franciscan tradition! You can smile and even laugh at what seems like a teenage game, but these young monks are known and respected figures in the Bronx, which is obviously worth gold.

Their community is at the service of the most disadvantaged in this most notorious district of New York. Their recognizable silhouettes are present in the photos alongside those of Mother Teresa's sisters in Manhattan the day after the September 11 attacks. They immediately and actively participated in the distribution of food and blankets, while listening to and comforting New Yorkers in shock.

Their motto, following Saint Francis of Assisi, their founder: pray and serve in love and joy!

Elisabeth dugas

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