Francis Chan: "It is time to change the Church"

Pastor Francis Chan exhorts the Church, the community of believers, to reform and return to the very essence of its vocation.

DIn this video, Francis Chan asks himself a simple question: "Are our churches pleasing to God?" ". Are they after the heart of God? And forced to note that from the first centuries, the Church turned away from its call. Ephesus, Laodicea, Corinthes, Galatia… All of its communities needed to return to their first love, to return to simplicity. And that is what the speaker encourages to do today.

“It's time to change the church, and say 'Enough with the garbage!' I'm going to dedicate myself to these things because I think when we get rid of all these things that we think we need, it's really going to get better. "


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