Why did Francis Chan resign from his Mega Church, open small churches and give up his royalties?

In 2010, Francis Chan surprised the greatest number by announcing his departure from the church he had founded. He then evoked a feeling of restlessness and his desire to experience something else. During'a meeting with Facebook employees, the successful author wished to return to this stage of his life.

SAccording to him, this 5-member church was expanding but not working according to God's will. Indeed, Francis Chan believes to have been "the mouth of the church" and believers came to "hear his gifts" and "see his gifts", but none of them made use of his to serve the body of Christ, and it cost millions of dollars!

He also explains that he had the feeling that the Church was not practicing the love of God, and deplores the absence of fraternal communion. The former pastor of the church explains that he felt bad when he learned that a young person he had baptized had finally left the church, because he did not feel like in a family, like in the "gang of which he" was formerly a member ”.

“It made me sick to know that the gangs represented the image of the family better than the church. "

The author of the bestseller "Crazy Love" also explains his wish to get rid of the pride he felt over the success of his book, claiming that God hates pride. He says he suddenly realized that he was not living according to God's will, that this had to change because “he was losing his soul”. He missed being the Francis in love with the Lord Jesus, sharing the Gospel with his friends.

Francis Chan now leads a movement of about fifteen evangelical churches in San Francisco called We Are Church, bringing together about thirty pastors, that is to say 2 at the head of each church. He insists that everything is free and that the pastors are volunteers. He explains that the members “come out of the streets, out of prison, are doctors or employees of Facebook and Google…”. Each church is small like a family, allowing members to come to know each other, to love each other, and to use their gifts in the service of the Lord. Believers meet in churches, study the Word, pray together, and support each other. Francis compares his old Mega Church, to We are Church as follows:

“It's like getting adopted rather than living in an orphanage. "

Regarding the money he earns from his bestselling books, Francis preferred to donate all his earnings to charity and does not touch a penny, in accordance with what he had said to the Lord:

"I'll donate everything to show that you're more important than all of this." "

Now he spends his days researching what the needs are around the world, and in what ways he can contribute.

source: The Christian Post


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