Four good reasons to forgive whatever the offense ...

Forgiving those who hurt us is perhaps one of the hardest things to do.

Pardor the murderer of his daughter, forgive your rapist, forgive terrorists, forgive your abusers, forgive an abandoning father, forgive the Nazis after experiencing the death campsforgive Daesh, forgive your stalkers, forgive his son who commissioned the murder of his wife and son… Impossible ?

Yet that's what Cora, Élise, Anba, Courtney and Michelle, Kirk, Eva, Janan, Jonathan and Kent did. The moving stories of their lives were relayed by our editorial staff.

So why forgive?

No doubt in the first place, because Jesus invites us to do so. He asks us to forgive, echoing the forgiveness we ourselves have received from Jesus.

Here are 4 more reasons to forgive, 4 glorious consequences of forgiveness.

  • Forgiveness glorifies God

When we see Jesus forgiving people, it reflects the forgiving heart of God. Likewise, when we forgive others, the Father's heart and his love are reflected in our life and give it glory.

  • Forgive blesses you

Forgiving brings release. This letting go, this renunciation prevents bitterness, hurt, bitterness from setting in and parasitizing emotions.

  • Forgive blesses the other

Forgiving opens a door, a way out, a possible redemption, an opportunity. Not all will grasp it, but it remains there, ready to be received.

  • Forgiveness is a powerful testimony

The stories we quoted at the beginning of this article demonstrate this claim. Faced with the worst suffering, faced with the worst injustices, and the worst tragedies, men and women find the strength to forgive. What a testimony for the others ...

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