Once versed in the occult, Beth Eckert warns Christians against Yoga

Beth Eckert plunged very young into what she calls "a life of darkness and despair" in occultism, New Age and Eastern philosophies, until her meeting with Jesus who will bring her out " from darkness to light ”. In view of all this experience, Beth feels that yoga is not a trivial practice spiritually and she decided to share her positions in a video posted on Youtube.

Beth has always felt lonely and sad, but as a teenager after being raped she tries to end her life, then falls into drugs and alcohol. She is looking for truth and meaning in her life. It is in the New Age, oriental philosophies and the occult that she will seek. She will become a witch and only Jesus will bring her out of the darkness in which her life has sunk. She tells her story in a blog, The other side of darkness, the other side of darkness.

And for this young woman who is now Christian and committed, the practice of yoga should be avoided. Because according to her, the roots of yoga draw directly from Hinduism and the occult, and this practice would open a door to the occult.

“He's taking something that looks good, that looks like something that is good for your spiritual, mental and physical health. You wear pretty outfits, you go out and meet nice people and that's just super good for you. This is what people think they are doing while practicing yoga. […] They really believe that they are doing something that is good for them. […] So when you do yoga, you use the power of the Kundalini spirit which is Shakti, which is a false divinity, that is to say a demon, which you invite into your body and which is channeled into your body. , which becomes a portal for demons. "

There is no doubt that this position will awaken the debate that exists in Christian circles around some of these practices, but it remains interesting to feed it with the testimony of Beth.

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Article originally published in August 2017

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