Former drug dealer, he now plants churches

After spending his childhood in church, Jared turned to drugs. He becomes a dealer throughout the United States. But when God reveals himself to him, he discovers true happiness.

Jared Lyda was born into a believing American family. He grew up in the church but said he was disappointed with the attitude of the pastors, whom he considered "stiff, weak and naive" towards the real world. At 21, he became a dealer. He travels and sells his drugs across the United States. He is in search of all the pleasures that this way of life can give him.

“As far as I can remember, it was a good life. My world revolved around me and I liked it. "

He leads this life for years, never really being satisfied.

“Despite everything, I felt incredibly lonely. I had everything I wanted and it wasn't enough. "

When he was 25, he met a former friend of the church, who had become a pastor, and invited him to a weekend with young Christians.

“The speaker didn't just talk to the students. God was using his message to speak to me. I began to understand the depths of my sin, which was awful in the light of God's holiness and purity. And yet, here, God was calling me. "

He then read a Christian book that his mother had given him before, but that he had never opened. A sentence breaks him.

“It's not about you. "

Until then his whole life revolved around himself. He knelt down, cried, repented. Everything he heard in his youth comes back to him. Everything now makes sense.

“As I lay there, I remembered the gospel that I had heard for 15 years as a kid in church and now this weekend, and it devastated me. But at the same time, it freed me. All my life I had known in my head that I was a desperate sinner and that the grace of God was more than enough, but now that conviction had entered my heart and was beginning to change my life. "

For the first time in 10 years, on this day, Jared is happy. For the next 10 years, he devoted them to studying the Bible and serving others. God then uses his past for His glory.

“Even some of the 'business' principles I had learned as a drug dealer would be redeemed by Jesus. I had proven that I could start a legal business and pay the bills of my growing family. Now Jesus was calling me to organize people around his gospel, where he would pay their debts. "

Jared then begins to plant churches.

“Almost every church planter begins with dreams of greatness, and I'm no different. But God in his infinite wisdom uses the weak and the foolish to shame the strong and the wise. "

He thinks at first that it will be easy, that it will be enough to communicate well and to create community groups for the church to multiply. But God continues to work his heart.

“I am learning, in a new way, that I am justified by faith in my Savior, not by the size or 'success' of my church. I am learning that the Holy Spirit and not the billboards will draw people in, that faithfulness to the Father is like time spent - time to understand, believe and teach his Word to the hungry, to stay true to my family , to lead a life of prayer and to work for the good of his church, while relying on his power. "


source: The Gospel Coalition

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