For Giving Tuesday, support a Lebanese family with Un Verre d'Eau

Un Verre d'Eau is committed to the Lebanese alongside the men and women who work in the field.

After the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday business operations, the Giving tuesday change course and encourage people to show solidarity and generosity. Today, Info Chrétienne therefore suggests that you take a break from your hectic lives, your preparations for the end of the year celebrations and your Christmas shopping, and to look elsewhere… Why not towards Lebanon?

See you in Beirut! You are at the foot of a building awaiting renovation. One of many. You go up to the fifth floor. On foot, of course ... The elevator is completely destroyed. Up there, you meet Carolina, a sweet 80-year-old granny. She knows this floor well, she's been stuck there since the destruction of her elevator. With her old age and heart problems, she cannot go down or up the stairs.

Carolina, Luc ran into her before you did. He has fond memories of it. It was in tears that she told him that no one came to meet her and that, alone, she could not buy any food or medicine. Until Marie-Noëlle comes to meet him and extends her hand to him. Now Marie-Noëlle regularly brings her hot dishes and the medicines she needs. A drop of water in an ocean of misery? No ! A changed life, Carolina's!

Marie-Noëlle is the co-founder of the Aschrafieh Social Association (ASA). And she knows it, these "old men", as she affectionately calls them, "have nothing at the moment". "They only have us", she laments, before changing her mind and adding, "and you"!

Today, thanks to the Un Verre d'Eau project, you can reach out to Carolina in her apartment on the fifth floor, allow the children of Tahaddi educational center to continue their education, or to give food and health care to families who are not recovering from the explosion of August 4 and the economic crisis.

Already more than 1600 families will be supported thanks to the generosity of many donors. So many others are waiting for you! Because your donation can change their life, do not hesitate to make a donation by clicking here.

Thanks for them !


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