For RSF, the paranoia of world leaders restricts press freedom

Reporters Without Borders published today, Wednesday April 20, 2016, its 2016 world press freedom ranking.

Lhe Ranking is based on a measure of the press freedom situation, based on an assessment of pluralism, media independence, the quality of the legal framework and the safety of journalists in 180 countries. It is established using a questionnaire offered in twenty languages ​​to experts from all over the world. In addition to this qualitative analysis, there is a quantitative record of violence committed against journalists over the period taken into account.

The results are alarming. Freedom of the press is declining in many countries.

In Africa, journalists are harassed between electoral crises, terrorism and armed conflicts. In the Middle East and North Africa, reporters are victims of strategies of terror. South America is experiencing an upsurge in violence committed against journalists and in the east some countries are under the control of conservative regimes like in Poland, or authoritarian regimes like in Tajikistan, which restrict press freedom.

For Christophe Deloire, secretary general of RSF,

“It is unfortunately notable that many leaders around the world are developing a form of paranoia against the legitimate exercise of journalism. The general climate of fear leads to a growing hatred of debate and pluralism, a lockdown of the media by governments in full authoritarian and liberticidal drift, the growing hold of particular interests on information in the private sector. It is essential to defend worthy journalism in the face of increased propaganda and information driven by dictation or sponsored by interest. Guaranteeing the right of citizens to independent and reliable information is a solution to solving local and global problems of humanity. ”

At the top of this ranking, there are 3 northern European countries where journalists are the freest in the world: Finland, the Netherlands and Norway.

Europe remains the continent where the press is the most free, followed at a distance by Africa, which therefore passes before the Americas. Then follow in the ranking, Asia and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. North Africa / Middle East remains the region of the world where journalists are most subject to constraints of all kinds.


Image credit: Reporters Without Borders - Ranking 2016

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