For Billy Graham, we must not compromise with witchcraft

For Billy Graham, it was essential to take a stand against occult things: they come from the devil. 

Voyance, witchcraft, esotericism, Halloween…. These occult realities are more and more present in the cinematographic, literary and cultural universes. More than 15 million French people admit to believing the predictions of clairvoyants. Children and adolescents like to identify with the heroes of these universes. Deciding not to send your children to cast spells on the streets disguised as devils seems like a complex choice. What about our positioning as Christians? Dangerous or harmless universe? Billy Graham answered these questions.

According to him, the Bible warns us against occult things : these practices come from the devil. They seem funny and harmless, but they draw their source from spiritual forces opposed to God.

“The Bible, however, is very clear: occult practices of all kinds are in direct opposition to God and his will to live. The reason is that they have their origin in spiritual forces which do not come from God but from our adversary, the devil. "

Billy Graham also recalled the position of the Ephesians with regard to these practices: do not compromise.

“I know this is a strong statement, but I cannot stress enough the spiritual danger of following the path of Satan rather than that of God. When the Ephesians, who had practiced the occult, became Christians, they 'gathered their [magic] scrolls and publicly burned them' (19 Acts: 19). "

A American study reveals that the subject of the supernatural is neither treated in a relevant way nor on a regular basis in the churches. However, this universe often attracts the youngest. From the media, to group witchcraft experiences, including horoscopes, they are often in contact with this reality. According to this survey, adolescents who are isolated, stressed or frustrated are the most likely to engage in this type of experimentation.

David Kinnaman, president of Barna, which initiated the study, alerts parents to the dangers of the occult:

“The supernatural world represents the epicenter of spiritual struggle for their hearts and minds. When teens opt for cheap alternatives instead of choosing intimacy with God - and relying on his care and power - it can lead to years, if not decades, of spiritual entrapment in their lives. But with appropriate choices come spiritual rewards. After Jesus rejected Satan's temptations, his ministry flourished. "


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