"Footsteps in the snow", special mention of the international comic book festival in Angoulême

Last January, the comic "Footsteps in the snow" received special mention on the occasion of the 30th edition of the international festival of Christian comics in Angoulême. This book is the fruit of a happy collaboration between a mother Cathy Gotte Avdjian, pastor and writer, and her daughter Grâce Pârvu, graphic designer and illustrator.

Chis fictional story based on real events combines two authentic and dramatic experiences in which the Grace of God is manifested in an extraordinary way: that of Rita Goudet, whose full testimony is recounted in the book " He was there and I didn't know it ” and that of a young adolescent, met in an orphanage in Romania.


By breaking the too classic codes of Christian comics, "Footsteps in the snow" immerses us through a heavy and dark line in the meanders of a young Romanian teenager who after having lived the rejection of her parents, the mourning of a boyfriend and other tragic events will hope to raise her head by coming to work in France. Mira, our heroine then finds herself trapped in the clutches of sex traffickers. The story is hard but the redemption is all the more beautiful. We discover the One who has always walked by her side and carried her in his loving arms when she could no longer take it.

This album, in addition to bringing the message of Christian faith and that of hope to those going through difficult times, seeks to shed light on the new slavery that is rampant in our world. We then meet Laetitia, Grace's sister, who founded the FREE association in Bucharest, which works among prostitutes and carries out all prevention work in Romanian schools and orphanages.


Illustrator Grâce Pârvu believes that comics are a powerful means of communication, appreciated by many. She also confesses to having been deeply inspired by the album " Persepolis "  by Marjanne Satrapi in her choice of black and white and the sober brush stroke. She also recently illustrated, adding a little color this time, another prevention comic addressed to all at-risk children in Romania:

« Your Decisions Determine Your Destiny ”.

“Des pas dans la neige” is a production of the S'père association and you can order it online at paypal or by E-mail adress at the price of 10 € + 5 € shipping costs. Find out more about Facebook.


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