Following the forgiveness of the Christian community, two Egyptian Muslims give their lives to Christ

Anear the murderous Cairo bombing perpetrated against the Coptic Christians gathered in the cathedral on December 11, the targeted Christians proclaimed the Nicene Creed on the esplanade of the church. The next day Monsignor Anba Angaelos called on the community to forgive the attackers in a moving statement.

“We pray for the healing of the community. We are ready and have already forgiven those who have done this, because at the end of the road a lack of forgiveness hurts us more than anyone else. ”

This will to forgive and its demonstrations of peace have upset some Egyptian Muslims, so much do they contrast with the violence of the attack, the gutted church and the bodies of 25 women and children torn to pieces.

Journalist Mona Roman from the Arabic-speaking Christian television channel, Alkarma TV, recounts phone calls from Muslims to the standard of the TV channel, following the attack and the forgiveness of the Christian community.

“We are killing you, we are destroying your churches, and you say you forgive us and you pray for us. "

" I am sorry… "

Two Muslim men also called after the December 11 attack to give their lives to Christ.

“All we see of you is love and forgiveness. You never responded with explosions, guns or hate speech. You are very strong people to love. "


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