Rescue the most isolated

Serve together to bring help, hope and healing through aviation to the most isolated.

Because many men, women and children who live in isolated or hard-to-reach places around the world do not have access to medical care, education, the gospel, the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) puts its planes at their service.

For 75 years and in 26 countries around the world, MAF teams have been working in collaboration with more than 1500 organizations to bring material aid and Christian hope to the most remote populations.

Christmas, a difficult birth...

While celebrating the birth of Jesus, several children were born in such difficult conditions and with health problems. They emerged in Papua New Guinea. In this country, to reach a hospital, it takes several days by taking winding tracks, crossing mountains. Thanks to a MAF plane and its pilot, they were able to receive the necessary care in a hospital.

The flight did not last more than an hour. Saving their lives, giving them a future, a hope, showing them the love of Christ, this is also the commitment of the pilots, the mechanics, of all those who work with the MAF.

Together we can cross the mountains

For every life saved, there are people who donated, however small, to make it possible. You too can contribute to transforming the lives of thousands of men, women and children, both materially and spiritually, by making a donation.

To know more, visit the MAF France website as well as on social networks. It is also possible to receive a newsletter regular.

La MAF is a member of the collective ASAH.

Joel Wujkowski, President of MAF France

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