Floods in China: 33 dead and 376 evacuated

Heavy rains have hit China's Henan Province in recent days, causing unprecedented flooding. 

The city of Zhengzhou was particularly affected by the deadly floods. The local emergency management office announced Thursday that 33 people lost their lives and eight are still missing while 376 people were evacuated according to the Global Times.

On Wednesday, the rain temporarily stopped in the city, allowing residents "to breathe and deal with the consequences before facing further precipitation in the evening."

The Global Times reports the extent of the damage. The area of ​​crops affected by the bad weather is 215 hectares, an estimated loss of 000 billion yuan. Regarding transportation, Zhengzhou East Station, which accommodates more than 1,22 trains a day, was "flooded" and "paralyzed" as cars "piled up on the roads".

In images and videos circulating on Twitter, townspeople can be seen trapped in the metro, with water up to their shoulders.

Many power lines were also damaged by the weather, Wednesday evening on the 602 power lines in the city, 468 had not yet been restored, the newspaper reports.

On Wednesday morning, Xi Jinping ordered the deployment of 3 troops in Henan to rescue residents, according to AsiaNews, which also indicates that 1 other rescuers are expected as reinforcements. On social networks, there is a wave of support at the national level according to Global Times, which affirms that Internet users are mobilizing in particular "in prayer" for the inhabitants of Henan.

The precipitations which fell on the Chinese region, are the most important recorded since "that the city started to keep registers, sixty years ago". Tuesday, they reached "552 millimeters", "nearly four times those of Cologne, in Germany, between July 14 and 15 ”.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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