Flight, with Denzel Washington, the film which portrays the repentance of an alcoholic airline pilot

Sunday evening on TF1, Denzel Washington, the actor who does not hesitate to display his faith in Jesus Christ, played an airline pilot locked in a terrible dilemma.

hip Whitaker, the pilot, is an alcoholic and addicted to cannabis and cocaine. Yet he continues to pilot, and he is even a good pilot, experienced, and recognized by his colleagues.

Slowly the trap closed.

Despite a childhood and a family environment where the Bible held a privileged place, Whip chose denial, fleeing the reality of his addiction, despite the risk with each theft of causing a disaster.

One day, everything changes.

Following a technical failure, the plane he piloted desperately stings, leading the entire crew and passengers to certain death. But Whit, on the strength of his experience and following his instincts, succeeded by a daring maneuver in straightening him up and crashing down. Six people died in the crash, but the worst was averted.

He is hailed as a hero. Yet everyone around him knows - just like him - that he had consumed, as always, a strong dose of alcohol before taking off.

The accident investigation fails to establish his alcoholism, thanks to the dexterity of his lawyer and the complicity of his friends. The toxicological analysis which revealed that he was alcoholic and under the influence of cocaine is invalidated, and during the trial Whit denies his addiction with the aplomb of one who has taken the habit of leading a double life.

Yet, faced with a direct question from the investigator, he hesitates, stammers, and decides after a long and painful moment to face the truth - when he is on the verge of being exonerated by justice.

Highlight of the film, where we discover a man facing a decisive choice, which will guide the rest of his life. He is strongly taken over by his conscience and finally decides to face reality, exhausted by this perpetual fight which destroys him from within. He is condemned and imprisoned. He has lost everything, his freedom, his job, his prestige, his wife and even his son who no longer wants to see him.

It was in prison that he ended up freeing himself from alcohol and drugs. The film ends with his own words in front of his fellow inmates, where he explains to them that paradoxically, he now feels really free. The liar, who had spent years leading a double life, was now a man at peace

A magnificent example of repentance.

Patrick vauclair, director 

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