First victory for women victims of "honor killings" in Pakistan

Yesterday we were talking about the Oscar nominated short film, "A girl in the river, the weight of forgiveness", recounting the true story of Saba victim of what is called an “honor killing” there, and which is not punished by Pakistani law.

THEThe director's ambition by bringing this subject to the cinema, was to echo the suffering of women in Pakistan, and to influence public opinion to lead to a change in the penal code of this country. Oscar nominations, media coverage, petitions… It seems that director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is starting to see the fruits of her labor.

Yesterday, in the province of Punjab, where almost half of the country's population lives, the most beautiful victory has just been made public. Agence France-Presse has just announced that a law strengthening the protection of women in this province of Pakistan was adopted unanimously on February 24, 2016.

The voted text redefines the notion of " violence ", now including “Any action against a woman, including encouragement to [such] action, domestic violence, emotional, psychological, verbal and economic harm, harassment or cybercrime”.

The law is now waiting to be ratified by the governor of the province and especially to be implemented by the police and justice, but it is however a real victory and an important step in the fight against “honor killings” and acid attacks on women who dare to challenge the authority of men in this country.


Photo Credit: FlickR Creative Commons: Koshy Koshy

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