The Federal Republic of Germany has just recognized the Armenian Genocide of 1915

… It took over 100 years. Better late than never …

Uno moral recognition for the millions of Armenian survivors. An annoyance for the current Turkish Government which lobbied the Chancellor to the end, whose relationship with President Erdogan reflects all the ambiguities that can be seen in Europe on the issue of persecuted minorities - Christians and Kurds in particular.

But this parliamentary vote will unfortunately not remove this double game from Europeans in general and Mrs Merckel in particular.

We must be lucid about the false communication of the current Turkish regime: official denial of the Armenian Genocide, threats of economic and political sanctions, breaks in negotiations on migratory flows, incredible demand to obtain a few billion additional euros in the process of "pre admission ".

Must do it. And Angela looks down.

What blindness to Muslim demands, because with Erdogan, the secular Turkish state is a thing of the past. Islamic ideology is at the heart of its politics. The construction of mosques throughout the country, and in particular in the heart of universities where all Christian visibility is prohibited… and throughout the country.

100 years ago, our parents and grandparents - orphans by the tens of thousands - were welcomed in Lebanon, Syria and particularly in Aleppo by evangelical missionaries. Today their little children are fleeing Aleppo by the tens of thousands ...

Whirlwind of troubled history.

How many billions will it be necessary to spend in this great shameful bargain? And how many decades will it take for the parliament in Ankara to vote on this resolution one day:

"The Turkish State recognizes the Genocide of the Armenians".

Peter Yeremian

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