Even when Boko Haram destroys their families, Nigerian Christians do not switch to Islam

Nigeria: according to "Open Doors USA", Deborah Shettima refused to return to Islam, even after Boko Haram killed her husband and abducted her three children. 

After her conversion to Christianity, Deborah had married against her family's advice. After that, she suffered their opposition and that of her neighbors. Since her family was attacked so badly, they continue to pressure her to come back to Islam, but she keeps her faith.

Since these events, Boko Haram fighters have attacked her very violently and killed her son. They still have not released her two daughters. When " Open doors »Visited her, she was very tired and emaciated, but still trusting in God, whom she begged to return her daughters to him.

It is supported by the millions of Christians who intercede for them, and who express themselves in particular through the cards received from the hands of Open Doors team members. She testifies to them:

“I can say with all my heart that Open Doors has been the best companion in my suffering. Even though life has not been easy for me, your support and prayers have kept me. Sometimes I can't take it anymore and I would like to die. But as soon as I read a card and remind myself that people are praying for me, then my emotions change. I look at the world differently, it's a blessing. How lucky to have known Open Doors. "

What a beautiful testimony!

Pray for Deborah, for her daughters and for all Christians, especially widowed mothers who  fight day and night for their children in prayer.

Pray for the Open Doors team members who often carry out their ministry in the midst of the greatest dangers. May the Lord keep them in his hand.


Source: gospelherald.com

Picture : Flickr CC

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