Evangelical Christian Mike Evans nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against anti-Semitism

Mike Evans, founder of the Friends of Zion museum in Jerusalem, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against anti-Semitism.

Senior Vice President of Ariel University in Israel, Bobby Brown, has officially nominated evangelical Christian leader Mike Evans for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In his submission to the Nobel Committee, the academic said he 'knows no living person doing more to fight anti-Semitism' than Mike Evans, reports Israel Today.

Mike Evans, who was member of the White House Evangelical Advisory Council during the Trump administration, is the founder of the Friends of Zion Museum, a museum in downtown Jerusalem that celebrates Christian Zionists and their contribution to Israel. He also leads the organization "Jerusalem Prayer Team", which has more than 30 million subscribers on Facebook. Its aim is to encourage Christians all over the world to “pray for peace in Jerusalem”.

according to CBN News, the American evangelical “has spent decades rallying evangelical support for Israel and building Jewish-Christian relations.”

Born of a Jewish mother, he reports having himself been the victim of anti-Semitism because of his father.

"It's a great honor to be nominated, but I consider the fight against anti-Semitism an even greater honor," Mike Evans said upon hearing the news. “The key to happiness is to dedicate your life to a cause greater than yourself. That's what I do,” he continued.

The American Christian is described as "a fighter for freedom in a world where horizons are darkening and shrinking" by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to whom he is close, and who also underlined his "dedication to Israel".

“In his dedication to Israel, Mike consistently demonstrated the moral clarity necessary to defend Israel against the lies and distortions of its enemies, and championed the Jewish people's claim to the Land of Israel. »

Camille Westphal Perrier 

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