"Eternity": The new album from Be Witness

With its new album, Be Witness promises us Eternity.

"Eternal life begins today, in our relationship with Jesus Christ." This is the beautiful message of the worship group Be Witness who are releasing a second album called "Eternity".

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Be Witness (Pauline, Clément and Timothée) released a second album called “Eternity”. A worship group founded in 2013, Be Witness has come a long way. They toured for four years with their first album "Libres et Vainqueurs".

After a long period marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, they are back on the road with a second album entitled "Eternity". Because "eternal life is the most beautiful promise of the Credo", says Clément, singer and co-founder of the group.

Be Witness builds its own identity

Today composed of Clément, Timothée and Pauline, Be Witness is a real group of professionals. Each member is 100% invested in music, Pauline also collaborating with Glorious while pursuing a solo career. How to define the style of Be Witness?

“I like to say that we do contemporary praise with electro notes,” says Clément. Even if the group was formed at the Worship Academy (now Ecole Pierre) in Glorious, today they try to stand out as much as possible.

“We do American-style lives,” explains the group's co-founder, “and also on our new album, some tracks are very orchestral, others more electro, and that takes us away from the Glorious style. "

The best promise ever

It is Timothée who composes, Clément and Pauline interpret. What was the inspiration for this second album?

“After all the crises that the Church and the world have gone through,” explains Clément, “Christians and non-Christians alike need more than ever to cling to God's promises and to a hope. For us, it is eternal life, the most beautiful promise that we find in the creed, even if it seems abstract to us. "

Be Witness therefore wanted to bring this term up to date, notably with the song “I can see the sun”, the first single taken from their second opus.

In Truth (Live)

The new album "Eternity" includes 6 original tracks:

  •  I can see the sun
  • My heart will sing to the Lord
  • My father
  • Leap in faith
  • Your beloved child
  • You triumphed

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Matthias guillemot

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