Eric Célérier presents “The Lord is my Shepherd”, his new book illustrated by Jérémie Roussier

About two years ago, Jérémie Roussier, thinking about his career, asked himself this question: Could something good come out of me?

MBut God was standing by his side, in the depths of his village in the Vaucluse. Jeremy was going through a difficult and tumultuous period. Serial chess had settled into his life. The burnout was pointing the tip of his nose and dragging him down. All this led him to question himself.

Deep inside him emerged this cry of despair: "Lord get me out of here!" - I need you. Give meaning to my life and use me! Incredible as it might sound, God was present, even in the midst of setbacks. Jeremy was back at square one again. But, a question arose from his heart: Jesus, what do you want me to learn through all of this?

The need to find a place that would allow him to start from scratch was felt more and more in him. God knew it. He wanted to guide and advise him if he trusted him. When Jesus, our Shepherd, precedes our steps, the impossible becomes possible.

By a combination of circumstances, his collaboration in the Jesus Mon Ami video animation project eventually led him to Paris. It was at this time that he met Stéphan Piauger, who was then director of Top Chrétien. He was the one who gave her a chance. Very quickly, Jérémie collaborated on the project, a site for discovering the Christian faith for children. Then came another more personal collaboration, this time. Jeremiah made the cover of my book “Divine Connections”.

In the wake, "The Lord is my Shepherd", taken from Psalm 23, became a new and magnificent challenge.

Here is what Jeremiah himself said:

“When I was composing the images for this book, I wasn't really experienced either in the technique or in the double exposure process. It took hours of effort, work, concentration…. How many times have I found myself crying out to God for a pencil line, a shade of color… to be inspired. It was important to me that each image be like this artistic imprint of the Creator God. "

“I am happy with this experience. This is how I learned to depend on Him. He had become the sole source in everything I did. This is also the reason why this verse from the Bible: " Delight in the Lord and he will give you what your heart desires Has become the leitmotif of my life and of my relationship with Him. I encourage our readers of the book "The Lord is my Shepherd" to just put God at the center of our lives, to be true to Him. And he will accomplish what in our hearts resonates with his perfect will. "

Thanks Jeremy. Thank you for making the sublime images in this new book. I pray this book will be a blessing to all who read and watch it.

Eric Celery

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