Éric Célérier: "I pray that this ordinary book will have an extraordinary impact"

We knew Éric Célérier, founder of TopChrétien (the first Internet organization dedicated to the Christian faith). You may also be one of the recipients of his daily “A Miracle Every Day” emails, which are meant to encourage Christians.

AToday, we invite you to meet Éric Célérier the writer! In his first book “Divine Connections”, to be published on May 23, 2016 by Editions Première Part, he tells with humor and sincerity his story, that of an impulsive young man whom God used to touch the hearts of millions of people in the world. whole world.

Is this book an autobiography?

C.C. : It is somewhere between autobiography, testimony and biblical meditation. And it reads like a novel because it's filled with amazing but true stories. God made beautiful things and I love to tell them to give him glory! Over the course of fifty or so short chapters, I expose the major stages and the little anecdotes by which God called me to become a pioneer in evangelization through new technologies. In it, I tell how he uses TopChrétien to spread the Good News of the gospel to the whole world, and I encourage each reader to experience the love of the Father on a daily basis. The story begins in the archaic period, but not so distant, when the internet did not yet exist…! And it runs until 2016, where, I believe, Jesus is preparing great and beautiful things for the Francophonie.

What do you mean by “divine connections”?

C.C. First, I think of the countless internet connections around the world, through which millions of people have decided to entrust their lives to Jesus on one of the sites that God has called us to create. I then think of the “vertical connection” that each of us can have with the Holy Spirit, who is our friend and who desires to guide us, in all simplicity, into a life of daring and faith. I finally think of all the “horizontal connections” that God allowed me to live with very different people, with whom I was led to serve him and through whom I learned a lot about the diversity of the facets of life. divine trinity. From these vertical and horizontal connections result what I call “divine connections”, which pave the way for the extraordinary of God. I am convinced that this miraculous daily life can also become that of each of those who respond to the call that Jesus Christ launches to them personally.

Why this book?

C.C. I wrote this book to tell all those who will have it in their hands that anything is possible for those who believe! “Anything is possible”… Jesus Christ spoke this word to a weak and discouraged person who needed to experience a miracle. His life was never the same. Every page of this book has been written so that you can experience a life alongside God. Not a perfect life, but a reality where God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Many times we think of “great Christian ministries” as heroes of the faith who experience things beyond our reach. In this book, I wanted to show myself vulnerable, to show that our humanity and our limitations are far from frightening God. On the contrary, it is when we are weak that Jesus manifests his power!

More than a testimony, this work is a tool of encouragement and edification that transmits contagious joy and faith.

Available today for presale on book divine connections and in Christian bookstores and at FNAC from May 23, 2016.

Also coming soon: e-book and audio-book versions

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