Equal rights for women: a fight that is not over!

For almost 60 years, the battle for women to approach equal rights alongside men has been waged: from the right to vote to parity in politics, from driving licenses to quotas in companies, from the right to divorce to positive discrimination in universities… are we close to 'victory' and what are the real advances for women?

Qhat is the place of the Christian woman in 2016? Often torn between ideals of social justice and biblical reality, the Christian woman oscillates between a freedom granted and a de facto submission, less and less evident for the younger generations… More fulfilled in their service for God? Is the woman a better wife, wife, mother, etc?

As a Christian media, Info Chrétienne therefore wondered about the place of the Christian woman in our society and in all the social spheres in which she is present. Between Ephesians 5 and Proverbs 31, would there be a new way, a third way little explored until now, for the Christian woman? Is the woman in the process of conquering a new place beside the man?

Our attempt at examining such a question is divided into two parts. On this International Women's Day for Equal Rights, we wondered about their place in this current, complex society. We also asked the collaborators ofInfo Chrétienne throughout the world, to express themselves in the place of the Christian woman. You will find some testimonials cited in the article. We have also incorporated elements that appeared very recently in an article by Christian Post, attesting to this great current opportunity (in America only?), Which Christian women have, to conquer a place alongside men.

What are the criteria that make the place of women seen in a particular or different way? First, and without pleonasm, whether you are a man or a woman, you do not see the same thing. Second, depending on your geographic area, you will not be determined / influenced by the same things. Third, depending on your religious sensitivity, your denomination, your conclusions will not be the same. And finally, your age will also be a determining factor, if you are 17 or 60 years old, your vision of the place of women may vary.

There is no feminine generality, but a range of multiple situations

Anne Muriel collaborator at Info Chrétienne native of Madagascar, shows how from the private sphere, the woman conquers the public sphere, “Wife, daughter, sister, mother, for me the place of a woman in the family is almost everywhere. Its place is in education - academic, human, spiritual -, in comfort, in listening, in understanding, in tears sometimes, in smiles often. But the true place of the woman, it is a place of choice, it is in the heart. A place that we sometimes forget to give it, to show it ... Perhaps today is the opportunity to make up for it? "

For one of the collaborators ofInfo Chrétienne, Vincent : “The Christian woman should be a source of blessings and encouragement. Synonymous with love, wisdom, advice, listening, comfort, support, she should be courageous and patient, a formidable example. We shouldn't say "You know, I'm a Christian" but "Wow, that woman, she's different, she must be a Christian." The Christian woman supports and accepts the position of her husband as head of the family in the home, which is not easy every day! " 

Thoughts ofHelen, French, who also collaborates with Info Chrétienne, go to those who suffer from violence against women: "On International Women's Day, I do not expect to be pampered by my husband or my children, I do not expect more consideration from from my male colleagues and I hope not to be subjected to chauvinistic comments about the 365 days left for men in this leap year! I think of all those who suffer… Christian or not, who suffer daily from men, violence and humiliation because they were born women. "

Just like Hélène, one of the correspondents ofInfo Chrétienne in Tunisia sent this to the editorial staff:

“In the country where I am, Tunisia, I observed that the woman does not have the right to speak, her life is dictated by her husband, she is in a way mistreated in her home. The woman here is not valued at her fair value, despite the fact that it is she who does everything in the household. The man is served and uses his authority to dominate his wife and children. The latter in turn, seeing this copy daddy's behavior and in turn consider women as inferior beings. "

“Women should not underestimate themselves because they are the basis of education and the nation. As for the DRC, women are not fulfilled there because they are often humiliated and abused. " Vicky - Democratic Republic of Congo

“I am sad to see the evolution of the status of women in today's society. Because if things had started well: the right to vote, to drive, to open a bank account, access to education and to work. Others have evolved in the wrong direction, I am thinking for example of the woman as excessive object, and her hyper sexualization in the media. Personally, I feel trapped in this standardized image of beauty that, in order to be considered "pretty", I have to be thin, wear heels that hurt my feet, makeup or sexy clothes. I also find that the female characters in the films are hollow and mostly serve to emphasize the male hero. For equal work, women are always paid less than their male counterparts. In short, there is still a lot to do. " Elodie - France

“Both women and men must live by faith under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. But the place of women in assemblies seems more important today than yesterday. Last night a woman pastor brought the message. For me, women were of great importance, their attitudes, their teachings, their gentleness, that includes Catholic nuns from my childhood. " Nicole - Quebec

Is the vision of the woman changing, despite everything?

As the author writes Courtney Resig in Christian Post: “We are tempted to focus on what women cannot do when in fact, if we explore contemporary femininity, we realize that it is an extraordinary time for women in the world. church. More than ever before, we see pastors, leaders, editors, writers, seeking the voice of women, or putting forward what women think. It is a time when men work with women within churches, it should be remembered that the whole of the Bible is addressed to all believers, to all children of God… ”

An American Baptist pastor JD Greear, recently said, “Women should not limit themselves to Ephesians 5 and Proverbs 31, and pretend the rest of the Bible is for men. The church needs more Deborah. We need the emergence of these strong and dedicated women with the talents and gifts that God has given them. We need the Deborahs at home, speaking courageously in the life of their family, but also in the ministry, calling us to give, to pray, to go and to sacrifice. There is a need for Deborah in society, women who lead with wisdom, courage and faith. " 

The way we look at the question of women cannot be satisfied with what we see in developed, democratic countries where women have won a place alongside men by dint of diplomas and work, and education of both sexes. But is this the case elsewhere? As one of the witnesses saidInfo Chrétienne, There is still a lot to do !

On the sidelines of this article, we would like to pay tribute to all the faces of women that we have talked about on Info Chrétienne since a year. The lives of these women bear witness to the diversity of situations and dangers, also, which women have to face. In this period which may seem dark for the female gender, let us not lose hope, however.

Each name cited here refers to one or more articles published on Info chrétienne during this last year: Malala in Pakistan, Naghmeh Abedini in the USA, Jacqueline Sauvage pardoned after having murdered her husband in France, Béatrice Stockly kidnapped by Aqmi, Francine survivor of the Bergen-Belsen death camp, Fabiola Gianetti director of CERN, Jewish Dafna Meir stabbed by a young Palestinian mother of 6 children, 4 Quebec women who died in the Ouagadougou attacks, Marie Misamu singer in the DRC, all the women, young women, girls, mothers and grandmothers who died during the attacks of November 13 in France, Céline Dion singer, Jane Roe USA, Virginie Tellene, Frigide Barjot, France, les Femen, Sara Bibi 8 years old Pakistan, Rula Ghani wife of the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Sister Cristina "Sister Act", Barbara Hendricks soprano , Christine Boutin French politician, Ségolène Royal French Minister, Katy Perry American singer, Sabine Diaz conductor of the Christian Symphony, Camilia Jordana singer, Amand a Blackburn pastor's wife murdered in the USA in 2015, Holly Holm world MMA champion, Aurélie Monkalm Noubissi mother courage of a child murdered in France, June Steenkamp mother of a murdered South African young woman, North Korean women and young women , Veronica Roth author of the series 'Divergent', Oprah Winfrey American presenter, Gianna Jessen abortion survivor, Iraqi Christian Miriam, Tracy Trinita former Indonesian model, Joyce Meyer American woman of faith, Angela Merkel German chancellor, Juliette Binoche actress French, Asia Bibi, Pakistani and persecuted, etc ...

More generally, we greet all women on this World Women's Day. And all those that we do not see, the heroines of everyday life, women in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, North Korea, Europe, the United States. United, in Oceania, in Africa, in Latin America, in China ...


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