Ephatta: Christian hospitality in action

The Ephatta platform allows beautiful human and spiritual encounters between hosts and travelers as part of a temporary welcome

Vacances, various events, business trips, go hand in hand with finding temporary accommodation. A new form has appeared in recent years: the hospitality offered by welcoming people to people passing through. This solution open to all, even to very small budgets, allows beautiful convivial meetings, and even spiritual ones since Ephatta is a Christian-inspired site. In Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus, ephatta means:

" Open yourself ".

Béatrice and three of her friends, on their recent cycling trip to discover the Loire Valley Castles, benefited from this friendly accommodation:

“What is appreciable is the simple and benevolent welcome from the hosts. We do not know each other, and yet the contact is made naturally. "

A young couple, Anne-Lucie and Sylvain, lived both sides of the experience:

“We are very happy to have discovered this network, based on trust and respect! Yes, it is possible to sleep with strangers and welcome them back! "

Maylis, 20, stayed with a Polish family during WYD:

“What impressed us the most is undoubtedly their sense of hospitality 'I was a foreigner and you welcomed me', 'what you do to the little ones, you will do it to me. ': they fully live the Gospel! "

Elisabeth dugas

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