Election of Donald Trump: The sovereign will of a "silent majority" has been expressed

The sovereign will of a "silent majority" has been able to express itself today against all odds, and with an overwhelming distance.

Une majority despised by an intelligentsia deemed to be self-sufficient, Miles Gloriosus believing to be part of the “good” camp and the media often ignorant of the realities on the ground, has just decided on its future. It is certain that most of the European media, whose superficial analyzes are sometimes matched only by their subjectivity and ideological bias, will not understand this phenomenon and will give in to the psychology / politics of the counter to try to explain it.

Yet millions of men and women have made a choice that they believe is rational and preferable to the other alternative available to them. Between the "plague" and the "cholera", they readily chose the plague, some even hoping that this "plague" is in reality an "alternative", a "hope" or even a "renewal". Now, the real nobility of a truly open and resolutely democratic mind is not to despise and look down on so many millions of people, but rather to meet them where they are, to make oneself vulnerable, to listen and to understand.

Judgment, if required, can be established in four years: the tree will then be recognized by its fruits.

Written at two in the morning in the United States of America.

Timothy Davi

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Timothy Davi

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