Egypt: Towards the end of the mention of religion on identity cards?

A case is pending before the Egyptian administrative court following the request to remove the mention of religion on identity cards.

On October 25, Naguib Gabrail, lawyer and head of the Egyptian Human Rights Union, asked the Egyptian administrative court removal of the religion box on identity cards. The Court, for its part, called on experts from the Authority of State Commissioners.

According to the lawyer, the mention of religion on the identity card is a source of discrimination and sectarian tensions.

An opinion in accordance with the last rapport of the US State Department on religious freedom in Egypt, which also deplored this mention.

“During the meetings, embassy officials stressed the importance of being accountable for sectarian violence, protecting victims of sectarian attacks and being concerned about religious discrimination, including through 'inclusion of official religious designations on national identity cards. "

This is not the first time that such a request has been made. Already in 2018, the legislator Ismail Nasreddin had submitted a bill to the Egyptian parliament that would remove religious affiliation from national identity cards


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