Egypt: attack on Copts kills 29 and injures 25

A bus riddled with bullets, shattered windows, lifeless bodies in the sand, around the bus, or those bloody children in the morgue. These are the images revealed by Egyptian television. The Islamic State group has pledged to increase attacks against the minority Coptic.

L'extreme vigilance was the order of the day in Egypt. In propaganda videos, activists from the radicalized branch of the Muslim Brotherhood claimed responsibility for the assassinations and urged the population to stay away from the police, who could be the target of an upcoming attack. But it was ultimately the Copts who were once again targeted.

About sixty Copts, including 40 children, went to the monastery of Saint-Samuel. Mina Thabet, Christian and activist for minority rights in Egypt recounts:

“The attack took place on an unpaved road leading to Maghagha. One of the buses came from Beni Suef, the other from al-Minya. A third vehicle carrying workers was also caught in the gunfire. About a hundred people have fallen into this trap. They went to the monastery of Saint Samuel to meditate there all weekend as part of an organized trip, as is very common in Egypt. […] One of the buses was carrying only children, only three survived. ”

Bishop Anba Makarios of al-Minya speaks of militants disguised as soldiers who “got on the bus and shot at point blank range”.

In retaliation, Egyptian forces struck jihadist targets. President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi announcement:

“Egypt will not hesitate to strike terrorist training camps everywhere, on its soil and abroad.”

For the Copts, time is for mourning. In the province of Minya, they accompany the bodies to the cemetery. The crowd of men chants:

“By our soul, by our blood, we sacrifice ourselves for the cross.”

The women, meanwhile, scream in distress as they hit their heads. Bassem Hanna, farmer, came with his young 8-year-old son:

“We Copts are victims of conflicts that go beyond us between the state and groups that want to strike it by attacking innocent people. Our lives don't matter much to each other. ”

In April, two attacks in churches had already killed 36 people and injured many in this minority.


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