Dr Kathie Aultman performed abortions, today she pleads for life before the US Congress

Dr Kathie Aultman has performed a number of abortions. It was part of his job. Today she pleads for life before the US Congress, and for stopping abortions from the first heartbeat.

Qhen she was a student, Kathie did not question herself about the practice of abortion. She performed this medical procedure “like any other”, but after becoming a mother herself, the return to her work was particularly confusing for her. To the point that she has completely changed her mind on the issue of abortion. In a plea before the American Congress, Kathie recounts her journey, her experiences, and how with hindsight, she deplores this trivialization of an act as definitive as abortion, and what she calls the "culture of death ”promoted more and more in society.

We invite you to discover excerpts from his speech in video.

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source: Live Action

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