DPI-A law: Touching appeal from Alice, mother of Isaac, young with Down's syndrome of 4 months, against the preimplantation diagnosis

Discussed in the National Assembly as part of the bioethics bill, the DPI-A law will be voted on today.

Acontender is 26 years old. She has been the mother of a little Isaac for 4 months, Down syndrome. If she admits that the announcement of her disability had the effect of a "tsunami" at birth, she says that now her "life has never been so fantastic". She wishes to speak while the law DPI-A, aneuploid preimplantation diagnosis, rejected last autumn will again be put to the vote today, as part of the return to the National Assembly of the bioethics bill.

“Basically, if the embryo has the right number of chromosomes, we leave it in the mother's womb. And if it does not have the right number of chromosomes, it is immediately eliminated. This law, its long-term goal is to eradicate trisomy 21, or in any case, chromosomal abnormalities. "

We let you hear his call in the video below.

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. . . A few days ago our dear friend Clotilde, founder of @ tombee.du.nid called us for help to explain to us that the DPI-A law which was rejected last fall and will be revised this Wednesday. . . With @vincentdrisch we are shocked that this law is put back on the table. It is a law that is violent towards all people with Down's syndrome and more generally people with disabilities, and obviously for all parents of disabled children. . . Disability is an opportunity for society, when some deputies describe T21 people as "vegetables" and "curses" for families. Come spend a day with Isaac gentlemen deputies if you want? . . The law will be voted on this Wednesday. We can each block it and by speaking in a story. Follow @ tombee.du.nid, share his video, share mine if 💛 tell you. . . Maybe our videos will reach MPs? And maybe even up to @emmanuelmacron? . . Maybe we will be able to touch them in the heart and humanize them a little? . . 👊🏻 Anything is possible for those who believe. Long live the handicap. Long live difference. Long live the people who are put aside. . . ➡️ PRECISION: I do not join any political party, nor any political current, it is just my mother heart of a little gourmand who is speaking tonight 🤍. . @cafejoyeux 💛💛💛 @ tombee.du.nid 💛💛💛 ➡️ @gouvernementfr / @assembleenationale. . #DPIA #Loi #BARRAGEDPIA # Trisomie21 # T21 #DownSyndrome #Defendre #Love #AmourIncondnel # 💛 #AmourSansCondition

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