Don't let your emotions control your life

Human beings are endowed with many emotions which fully contribute to their humanity. They are not a weakness, or an inability to rationalize. On the contrary, emotions push us to understand the world around us, and to better perceive and decode its complexity.

IThere are reasons God created us with deep feelings and emotions. Fear helps us stay alive by fleeing or anticipating danger. Anger prompts us to fight injustice. Compassion leads us to console the one who cries. Love allows us to move mountains. From peaks to valleys, emotions accompany us through life, for the better and it is true, sometimes also for the worse.

Because sometimes we lose control of these precious emotions. And it is ultimately quite common to witness such a loss of control in our family or professional environment. This overflow is not only unhealthy, but potentially dangerous for us and for our loved ones. It very often causes discomfort, wounds and destruction, sometimes profound.

In such moments, we lose our way and are like prisoners of our emotions, inside of ourselves. In these cases, choose to isolate yourself. It is not an escape, but rather a protection. You will protect yourself and you will protect those around you.

The fool immediately shows his anger, but he who hides an outrage is a prudent man.
12 Proverbs: 16

Another way of not letting emotions take hold of a situation is to decode the emotional situation of the person with whom the relationship is engaged. By being able to control our own emotions and by reading the emotions of the other, it becomes possible to be an instrument of peace in a complicated situation.

A gentle answer calms anger, but a harsh word stirs up anger.
15 Proverbs: 1

Develop your emotional intelligence is fundamental. It is not just a matter of biting yourself so as not to roar in anger, but of learning to untangle the entanglement of emotions, in order to become a peacemaker for our loved ones. And if we do get angry anyway, Paul encourages us not to sin and to ask for forgiveness before the end of the day, so that we can be free.

If you get angry, do not sin; that the sun does not set on your anger, and do not give access to the devil.
Ephesians 4: 26


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