Discover the video that has gone viral of a father in tears at the birth of his "miracle" baby

A video showing a father crying bitterly at the birth of his daughter, accompanied by his son, also in tears, touched the hearts of thousands of people on Instagram. 

On March 4, at the birth of his little girl Giovanna, a “miracle” baby, a Brazilian Christian João Prudêncio Neto posted on his account Instagram a moving video in which we see him welcoming the newborn with his son, both in the grip of great emotion. A video that has been viewed more than 48 times.

In the legend, the happy father testifies to a miraculous birth. He explains that he became sterile after the birth of his son David and says that with his wife they prayed daily for God to bless them with another child.

He says that with this second pregnancy he witnessed a miracle "that only Jesus can do". Because his wife got pregnant with their little girl without any medication or medical intervention.

Quoting the first verse of Psalm 40, “I put my hope in the Lord; And he bowed to me, he listened to my cries ”, the Brazilian gives glory to God for this miracle.

“The birth of Giovanna is not only a blessing for our family, but also for all those who dream of one day living the miracle that only Jesus can do” he continues.

On October 3, João Prudêncio Neto's video was shared a second time by the Baby_adorable Instagram account, this time collecting more than 73 likes and more than 000 comments.


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Camille Westphal Perrier

Article originally published in October 2021.

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