Discover the moving text of a pastor from Aleppo, after 6 years of devastation

Lon last December 6, Christian Action in the East, published a dossier devoted to the situation in Syria, Christians in the chaos of Syria. In conclusion of the various testimonies and analyzes, the poetic text of Pastor Bchara Moussa Oghli constitutes a poignant epilogue, shaped by 6 years of conflict and devastation. Aleppo is described there as the theater of a war with obscure stakes, in the heart of which Christians seek their way, hope in God and in the revelation of the cross.

In the eyes of Hana the exiled, I see traces of violence written in flesh and blood.
They reveal our tragic fate in all of our inhumanity.
Everywhere I see catastrophic chaos.
And at the same time, I see divine intervention.
I see God there saying: "Let there be light!" "

In our district of Aleppo, when in a single day 37 rockets fell, sent by numerous terrorists from all over the world, who claim to fight for the destruction of our infidel state, with the aim of establishing an Islamic state there, which way is our path.

Is this the right direction for us who follow the crucified?
I am afraid that is no.
Much more is expected from us.

In the beginning there can be no other way than that of the revelation of the cross.


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