Discover the key witnesses of the film the Heart of Man

Discover the key witnesses of the film the Heart of Man

he Heart of Man is a docu-fiction on God's mercy in which we find a number of touching and unexpected testimonies from several opinion leaders.

Short presentation of the most famous of them:

  • William Paul Young, who is the author of the bestseller La Cabane (The Shack).
  • Dan Allender, who is a psychotherapist specializing in recovery after the trauma of sexual abuse.
  • Jackie Hill Perry, who is a Hip-Hop artist.

For the record, here is the trailer for this moving film:

As well as a first extract:

The film the Heart of Man will be played in a single screening, in cinemas all over France, on Thursday, November 15. Some rooms have already opened the ticket office. You will find the list on (section: See all the sessions). If you have a session near you, don't hesitate to reserve your seats now and invite your friends.

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