Discover the first trailer for The Chosen with French subtitles!

As previously announced, The Chosen, the event series based on the life of Jesus, is coming to your screens soon. The first trailer of the series with French subtitles is now available. 

"The Chosen" is a television series on Jesus which makes us discover the figure of Christ by starting from the secondary characters present in the Gospels and by making each of them the heroes of a series with many ramifications. Seven seasons are expected.

Viewed over 290 million times, this series created by Dallas Jenkins which has benefited from the largest crowdfunding ever for this type of program, will be broadcast in French for the first time and exclusively at Christmas on Canal + Séries then on C8.

We are pleased to present its first trailer with French subtitles.

In the age of social networks and Netflix series, this format seems to be a good way to share the Gospel!

Camille Westphal Perrier

Article originally published in October 2021.

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