Discover 10 powerful statements from Bono around faith, the Bible, religion and grace

  • The sacrifice of Jesus:

“I like the idea of ​​the sacrificed lamb… Jesus took upon himself the sins of the world. Our sinful nature deserves death, regardless of our behavior. We must remain humble. It is not our works that open the sky to us. "

source: Bono on Bono

  • Live the presence of God

“I go where life is… where I can feel the Holy Spirit. Whether in the calm and incense atmosphere of a Catholic church or in the spotlights of a awakening tent. I don't recognize the denominations. "

source: Christianity Today

  • About jesus

“I believe that Jesus was the son of God. "

source: Focus on the family

  • About Christian Music

“The psalmist is brutally honest in conveying the outburst of joy or intense distress he feels… I often say to myself: Why doesn't Christian music convey this too? "

source: Info Chrétienne

  • About grace

“Grace defies reason and logic. Love bypasses the consequences of our actions if you will, which is good news in my case as I have done a lot of stupid things… That doesn't excuse my mistakes… Hope in salvation in Jesus who took my sins on the cross, because I know who I am, and I don't want to have to depend on my religiosity. "

source: Bono on Bono

  • Concerning the Old Testament

“God in the Old Testament is more of a stern father than a friend. With Christ we have access to a personal relationship. It is no longer a vertical relationship of fear. Through Jesus we now have a more familiar and horizontal relationship. "

source: Bono on Bono

  • What is it to be a Christian?

“When you align your life with God's special plan described in the scriptures, something happens in your life. "

source: Focus on the family

  • The biblical view of poverty

“It is not a mistake that poverty is mentioned more than 2100 times in the scriptures. It is no accident… Jesus speaking of helping the poor said: “Whenever you have done these things to one of these smallest of my brethren, it is to me that you have done them. have done. "

source: Speech by the National Prayer Breakfast in America

  • About religion

“Religion can lead away from God… When I see what religious have done in my country (Ireland) in the name of religion… when I see TV channels offering indulgences for money… I change the channel …. Even though I am a believer. Maybe because I am a believer. "

source: Speech by the National Prayer Breakfast in America

  • Be honest with god

“It's important to be honest with God, who is more interested in who you are than who you want to be. "

source: Focus on the family

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