"Excavations in Galilee": Play archaeologist with this biblical board game

In December 2020, a biblical board game entitled “Excavations in Galilee” will be released in France. 

Lhe biblical games are rare, which makes the release of “Excavations in Galilee” a real event in Christian circles. This is a board game for 3 to 5 players ages 12 and up. It allows players to take on the role of archaeologist to piece together biblical books that have disappeared. The box set offers a choice of playing on the book of Genesis or the Gospel of John.

In addition to the promise of a pleasant moment, players will also be able to (re) discover the biblical texts.

"Excavations in Galilee", published by Bibli'O, is the initiative of four co-authors, board games and Bible enthusiasts, Eduardo Queiroz Peres, Nicolas Fouquet, Arthur Fourniol and Guillaume Frederick.

It was during the 2019 edition of HackMyBible, an annual event around innovation and creation in the service of better biblical knowledge, that their project was born.

During this weekend various board games or digital tools were offered by different teams. "Excavations in Galilee" was then only a prototype, the team of creators, helped by the graphic designer Damien Basle, then continued the work to finalize the project, perfect the dynamics of the game and its educational aspect.

The goal of the game: restore the missing biblical text!

You find yourself in 2084, humanity no longer uses paper because all information is digitized on the Internet. The world is then affected by a terrible computer failure which results in the loss of all this precious data. The Bible, intangible heritage of humanity and Holy Scripture for billions of people, is not immune to disaster, it has indeed disappeared! A few years later, we find a large quantity of biblical fragments in Galilee. The greatest archaeologists are then dispatched to the site. You are part of it.

Which of you will contribute the most to restoring the biblical text and thus be able to claim the prestigious title? Archaeologist of the Decade ?

Already available in presale at a price of 29,90 euros until mid-November, the game will then be available for sale at 34,90 euros on the site of the Bibli'O editions and in Christian bookstores. 


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