Did you know that religious minorities are represented on the Pakistani flag?

The flag of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has an interesting symbolism.

LThe crescent and the star on a green background, common to Algeria, Mauritania, Tunisia and the Maldives, symbolizes Islam of course. The crescent represents progress and the star, knowledge. The white side stripe which occupies nearly 25% of the flag represents religious minorities.

By attacking religious minorities and Christians as they did in Lahore during the Easter holidays, the jihadists are simply denying the identity of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which even claims religious freedom on this flag. .

In Pakistan, Sunni Islam, often referred to as Orthodox Islam, represents 75% of the population, while Shia Muslims represent only 20%. Hindus represent 4,1% and Christians less than 2%. Sikhism, Zoroastrianism and Buddhism are less represented.


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