In Lebanon, demonstrations to denounce increasingly difficult living conditions

On Monday, demonstrations broke out across Lebanon to protest against the worsening living conditions of the population. 

From 6 a.m. on Monday, October 29, demonstrators gathered in several cities in Lebanon to express their anger and despair at the deterioration of their living conditions in a country that continues to sink into the one of the most serious economic and social crises in history.

"We are in hell", "Take to the streets and defend your rights", "I have nothing more to lose": these are some of the phrases heard during these protests and reported by Orient-Le Jour.

Last week, the Lebanese pound fell again, rekindling the anger of the population. Since the start of the Lebanese crisis, which began in 2019, it has lost more than 90% of its value.

to Reuters reveals that protesters blocked roads in parts of the country using burning tires, while according to RFI, protest groups marched through the streets calling on the government to resign and the people to a civil disobedience movement.

This serious economic crisis is impacting the country at all levels as explained Alexandre najjar at the microphone of Europe 1 in the program of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach last October. The Lebanese writer and lawyer then described a catastrophic situation in the land of the Cedars.

"Schools have very serious problems, hospitals lack everything, insulin is practically non-existent, pharmacies are practically empty, there is a food shortage of several products," he said, also referring to the many cuts to electricity which punctuates the daily life of the population.

In this difficult context, the association Un Verre d'Eau is mobilizing to change the fate of 10 families in Lebanon. Discover their project here.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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